1 Tier Wedding Cakes: a Simple Choice For Modern Wedding Concept

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Cake is one of many things to be prepared in wedding party. However, there is little secret that you don’t have to choose sky-high cake in order to make it look gorgeous. In fact, there are lots of couple in this modern day prefer 1 tier wedding cakes to choose from. This cake gains its popularity recently. By selecting this cake, it can be perfect ways for saving big without scarifying the styles.

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Things to consider when choosing 1 tier wedding cakes

As you are looking for 1 tier wedding cakes, it is essential to determine the models. For instance, you could go with smaller desserts. For those who host more intimate celebrations, the 1 tier wedding cakes models would serve you well. But, if this is matters of looking to cut back on the costs, you still need for making sure that you have enough desserts to feed the whole guests.

It probably means that you need to offer sundae bars, smaller sweets, or candy bars. The others option is to cut the 1 tier wedding cakes and have the servers brought out the slices of sheet cakes to feed families and friends. You should remember also that choosing single tier cake doesn’t mean you must give up on the decorations. You can select the looks of fondant designs, fresh and sugar flower, naked cake, and many others model.

Photo Gallery of 1 Tier Wedding Cakes: a Simple Choice For Modern Wedding Concept

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